The top vendors for this enterprise app are SAP, Oracle, Logilty, and E2open. Every organization that has manufacturing needs has to manage its supplies, storage, shipping, and distribution. Normally these operations are assigned to various people in different departments.

enterprise applications examples

This platform has highly effective automation and generation tools to offer, and instruments for better customer communication and the creation of promotional campaigns. Predictive analytics that are based on AI helps in creating custom content for every customer. In this article, we will look at enterprise application software and how it differentiates from other types of software. And when brought together, they can work in streamline across the entire company.

Customer Service Software

Not only designed for small businesses, but this tool is also one of the business software applications that companies shouldn’t ignore. Sendinblue is an all-in-one digital software solution that combines numerous marketing and sales tools in one platform. The marketing automation functions enable companies to provide each individual prospect or customer with targeted information. This is done by creating individual rules and conditions that trigger the sending of e-mails or SMS in a fully automated and personalized manner.

  • However, selecting the right EAS solution can be a daunting process with a myriad of EAS solutions available for different enterprise requirements.
  • If you’re looking to build your own enterprise app, you can use a JS framework like Sencha Ext JS.
  • I hope that I have been able to give you a detailed perspective on the related matter.
  • Here we offer a brief overview of the enterprise software market and discuss 10 common types of enterprise solutions you might consider for your business in 2023.
  • An enterprise app is a large software system designed to fulfill the requirements of a big organization.
  • Within a specific area, it is possible to customize ERP to form account payables, timesheets, and reports, to make the everyday tasks in an organization more convenient.

SaaS solutions are available for organizations regardless of the type of software needed. Services like Zendesk for CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP ERP, and Salesforce provide comprehensive EAS solutions that can be easily customized to support any workflow of an enterprise. Since we now know what an enterprise is, let’s dive into enterprise application software. The first thing to wrap your head around this type of application is its functional scale.

Asana – Work Management Platform to Organize & Track Tasks

A few Creative Cloud apps are also accessible on iOS and Android phones and tablets. The tools offered by Creative Cloud can be applied to a wide range of graphic and creative tasks, including the creation of flyers, brochures, full-motion films, websites, presentations, and more. Numerous Creative Cloud programs can be purchased separately or as a part of a full package. SharePoint specialists and developers can be hired to analyze the company’s requirements in order to offer the best SharePoint solutions. This allows the company to increase its performance and keep a competitive edge in the market. SharePoint developers can produce distinctive business solutions that promote efficient communication and information exchange.

enterprise applications examples

Previously, the common practice was to purchase or internally build an EAS, host the application in an on-premise environment, and manage all aspects of the software, from hardware to updates manually. Though enterprise apps can’t fulfill different needs of organizations spread across the globe, it is possible to get an out-of-the-box CRM enterprise software and then customize it as per your business requirements. Various types of enterprise software wouldn’t be complete without web analytics.

How Enterprise Mobile Applications Accelerate Business Growth?

This enterprise software features communication collaboration, integration with various external tools and files while organizing messages into direct and clean channels. There are different subscription plans so your enterprise can scale Slack based on different business needs while enabling efficient and time-saving teamwork. In essence, Salesforce offers 12 solutions in their customer 360 products, all of which have their respective focus on different areas of customer management. Capterra gives this company a rating of 4.4 stars, while G2Crowd reviewers give it 4.3 stars rating, making it a great CRM solution for companies looking to unify their sales and customer undertakings.

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